Beta program

Purpose of the Beta program

If you're part of the Beta program, you're going to get a whole lot of free stuff, but in return you're going to help us iron out the bugs in Version 1.0 and build a better V1.1. Beta users will get access to the full Premium version of SMExpert for life for the price of the basic version at the end of the Beta program.

As part of the Beta Program, your job is to use SMExpert to run your business, and to give us feedback of anything that doesn't work, or anything that you think could work better.

We need you to use SMExpert every day for real business functions. That way you'll help us to build a system that can run your business and make you more productive.

We don't promise that this will be easy. There may be soe frustrating moments, and there may even be times where we need to delete an invoice or a transaction and ask you to redo the process. Please work with us. It's all part of the process. You'll be getting access to the full Premium Version of SMExpert at more than 50% off the retail price for life.

What you can do right now

Register a new profile for yourself to be able to log in to SMExpert.

Set up your company, and link this to your profile (We call this an Association). You can create more than one Association and link each one to your profile. You can upload a copy of your company logo which will appear on your invoices, credit notes, sales orders, and all the communications SMExpert sends to your customers to keep them updated with the progress of their orders. Read more

Set up the products and services you're selling. These can be physical products sold from your inventory, services sold hourly, or virtual products sold with no inventory. You can set up product pricing as a single price per product, or you can create volume pricing where prices automatically change depending on the volumes that your customers purchase.

Create customer records. Customers can be individuals or companies. Each customer can have multiple physical and billing addresses, and you can link an unlimited number of contact people to a customer. You can also upload documents so you can keep copies of signed agreements, copies of your customer's Proof of Residence – whatever you need to store together with your customer record.

Create Supplier records, similar to the Customer module where you can store multiple addresses, contact people, and copies of documents. Suppliers can be linked to products, and you can capture your cost prices from each supplier per product. This is really handy where you're dealing with multiple products and suppliers with complex cost structures, and you've forgotten what the actual cost is per item from a particular supplier. You can store all this information on SMExpert and access it immediately. You can also keep copies of your vendor agreements and pricing schedule documents linked to the Supplier record.

Set up your employees on SMExpert so that your team has easy access to certain functions. In Version 1 there is no access control, but we're introducing a more robust access control module in V1.1.

Create Sales Orders. This is a complex process that allows you to move a Sales Order through the Fulfilment process that SMExpert has designed. Once a Sales Order has been created, your processing team will be able to pick up new sales orders, generate stock-picking lists, pick stock from your warehouse, fill and dispatch orders. All through the process, SMExpert will send out professional looking emails to keep your customer informed of the progress of their order.

Generate Invoices. You can generate invoices using the products and pricing that you set up in the Products module, or you can add line items without having to have a product record for those odd line items you might need to add to your invoice. Invoices are printed as PDF documents which you can view, download, and email to your customers.

Mark invoices as paid and track overdue invoices. Once your invoice has a Due date, you can track invoices due and overdue for payment. You can easily mark invoices as paid or part paid.

Generate Credit Notes. Just like you can generate invoices, you can generates Credit Notes. In V1.1, you'll be able to offset these against invoices.

What you'll be able to do in V1.1

Quoting Module. You'll be able to generate quotes from SEMxpert and send these to your customers. When the quote is accepted, you can automatically create a Sales Order and Invoice (You'll be able to select the line item to include / exclude in the accepted quote in case the customer didn't accept everything you quoted for)

Offset Credit Notes against invoices, generate Credit Notes from the originating invoice, and select line items to credit.

Create Subscription type Products so that you can automate recurring billing.

Integrate with Imagin8 Debit Orders so you can offer Debit Order collection on your invoices and automate the collection of payments from your customers to improve your cash flow.

Debtor Statements. You'll be able to view debtors' statements and email professional looking statements out to your customers in one click.

Strategy Module. One of the most powerful features of SMExpert that you won't find anywhere. The strategy Module guides you through setting your strategy, and translating that into daily actions that will get you closer to your goals.

Set and track Tasks. Assign tasks to your team, set tasks so you don't lose track of your To Do list. You can create tasks for Operations, Customer Support, Sales, and Projects.

Manage Complex Projects. The Projects Module allows you to set up projects, detail the Project Scope, translate the Scope to Work Packages, attach time estimates, and costs, and track time spent on projects. Generate reports to send to key stakeholders.

Instant Online Store. You'll be able to select which products to display in your Online Store. Give your customers links to the Online store, or display this on your Website and your customers will be able to shop on your store immediately. Set up your Merchant account with PayFast, and get paid immediately into your PayFast account. Purchases made in your Online Store will automatically appear in your Sales Orders module for your team to process.

Manage Partially filled Sales Orders. If you can't completely fill an order, SMExpert will send a communication to your customer to ask whether they want to wait until you have stock or receive their partially complete order now. If so, SMExpert will create a new sales order for the remaining items to be processed when you get more stock.

General Ledger Module. You'll be able to set up your general ledger accounts, and run a complete set of books on SMExpert.

Cashbook Module. You'll be able to import your bank statements and allocate payments received against invoices, or allocate payments to a debtor's account. Daily importing of your bank statement makes it easy to ensure that your books are up to date.

Export and Integration with leading systems. You'll be able to export anything to CSV so you can import into other systems for your accounting, task and project management, sales management – whatever you need.

Cash Flow. SMExpert's complex Cash Flow module will help you negate a complex cash flow projection to help you pro actively manage your business. Most businesses that fail have two things in common. Poor financial records and no cash flow projections. We're going to help Small Businesses bridge this management gap.

Only 54 places available in the Beta phase

SMExpert releases on the 15th April 2021, and we're only allowing 100 businesses to join us in the Beta testing phase. During this phase, all participating businesses will get access to every feature in SMExpert FREE for the first 30 days. After the Beta Phase, those that walked the Beta phase with us will continue to enjoy all the benefits of SMExpert for only R199 per month for the next year, saving you thousands.

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