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SMExpert is an easy-to-use cloud-based app that will radically transform your business. It handles all the essential functions you need to run your business, while also giving you an instant online store and helping you do business better.

There's so much that we've packed into SMExpert to help you run your business. From our simple and easy Invoicing module to our really comprehensive and easy-to-use Sales Order management feature, you'll always be on top of customer orders and your billing.  If admin is weighing you down, you'll love SMExpert.

You'll love the price even more. It starts at only R59pm, and you get the first 30 days free.

We've been able to do so much more than most other businesses

It's true. We've been able to do so much more than most other businesses with fewer resources for so long that we encapsulated all those years of learning, growing, R&D, and just pure tech brilliance into one app that will make the world of difference to your business. Using our app to run Imagin8 is what made us a NSBC Top 20 company in 2020

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What SMExpert can do for you and your business

Invoicing made easy

You'll be able issue and track invoices within minutes.

Instant Online Store

You'll get an instant Online Store with full eCommerce capabilities.

Manage Sales Orders

SMExpert helps you manage your Sales Orders just like leading online retailers.

Effortless Communication

SMExpert automatically emails your customers when they need to hear from you.

Reach Your Goals

SMExpert's Strategy Module (releases in V1.1) helps you set and execute strategy so you never lose sight of your goals.

Wide Integration

SMExpert's wide range of planned integrations allows you to use other leading apps seamlessly.

We wrote the book on turning your business around.

Adam Rabinowitz, author of "How to Create, Manage, Fix and Grow Your Business" and Chief Imaginator at Imagin8 is the inspiration behind SMExpert.

His book has already started changing businesses across South Africa, and all the valuable knowledge in the book is embedded into SMExpert. Use this app and you'll be taking advantage of years of learning, developing and refining business operations so that you'll immediately find you have more time to run your business, and you'll be spending less time on repetitive administrative tasks.

You can do all of these things with SMExpert:


You'll be able to issue Invoices in minutes once you create your SMExpert profile. Send professional looking invoices to customers, keep track of who owes you what, and easily allocate payments you receive from customers to their invoices.

Sales Orders

Managing Sales Orders has never been easier. From the time your customers place an order, you'll be able to manage their orders, pick inventory from your warehouse, fill and dispatch orders. Your customers will get automated, professional looking emails from SMExpert as you work on their order without you having to do a thing – SMExpert is designed to keep your customers in the loop and help you build a relationship with them.

Your instant Online Store

The minute you load your first product on SMExpert, you've got an instant Online Store at no extra cost. Give your customers the link, and they can immediately shop on your store. You'll be able to process your customers' Sales Orders the minute they've paid for their order. Your money will be paid straight into your Merchant Account*, so there's no delay turning your inventory into cash.

*You'll need to create a Merchant account with one of our integrated Payment Gateways, but we'll help you with that too

Manage your Business like a Pro

SMExpert's Strategy module will help you design your Business Strategy, set goals, and manage your business more effectively. You'll be able to manage Tasks, Customer Support, Operational tasks and Projects.

Access to Experts

We know that having a system is not an immediate guarantee that your business will succeed. That's why SMExpert connects you to a network of industry experts so you can ask questions about burning business problems and get answers.

Only 54 places available in the Beta phase

SMExpert releases on the 15th April 2021, and we're only allowing 100 businesses to join us in the Beta testing phase. During this phase, all participating businesses will get access to every feature in SMExpert FREE for the first 30 days. After the Beta Phase, those that walked the Beta phase with us will continue to enjoy all the benefits of SMExpert for only R199 per month for the next year, saving you thousands.

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  • Can't find where you wrote down what you had to do today?
  • Spending too much time emailing your customers?
  • Customers not paying you on time?

We've got the solution for you right here. SMExpert will help you create order in your business, automate activities that you shouldn't be wasting valuable time on, and we'll help you grow your business too. Sign up for SMExpert today and start changing the way you work.

SMExpert Pricing Plans

Teeny Launcher Next Level Boom
Software Release V1 V2 V3 V4
Price R59pm R199pm R399pm R599pm
Entities (Associations) 1 2 5 10
Employees / Users 10 20 50 100
Addressing Unvalidated Google Google Google
Invoicing Module 100pm Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sales Order Module check icon check icon check icon check icon
Strategy Module check icon check icon check icon check icon
To Do Module (Basic) check icon check icon check icon check icon
Debtors Module check icon check icon check icon check icon
Online Store check icon check icon check icon check icon
Supplier Module check icon check icon check icon
SMEx Business Network check icon check icon check icon
Quoting Module check icon check icon check icon
Ledger Module check icon check icon check icon
Cashbook Module check icon check icon check icon
Creditors Module check icon check icon check icon
Cashflow Module check icon check icon check icon
Customer Support check icon check icon
Sales Channels and Commissions check icon check icon
Sales Tasks check icon check icon
Inventory Management check icon check icon
Manage Multiple Teams check icon
Project Management Module check icon
Release Date August 2021 October 2021 February 2022 April 2022

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